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The courses that each tutor can assist you with are listed at the top of their schedule. Please make sure your tutor is knowledgeable in the course for which you are seeking assistance. If you are unsure, contact Daniel at 708 - 235 - 3962

Mia assists students with MATH 1423, 2137, 2281, and 3290.

Matt assists students with ACCT 2110, 2111, 3111, 3151, MIS 2101, 3101, STAT 2700, and 3700.

Ronald assists students with ECON 2301, 2302, some of 3404, FIN 3101, MATH 1423, and STAT 2700.

(Vacant) assists students with CHEM 3513, 3531, MATH 1423, and MIS 2101.

Andrea J assists students with MATH 1423, 2137, 2281, 3331, and TAP math prep.

Andrea G assists students with HLAD 3104, MATH 2281, STAT 3700, and STAT 4720.

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