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The Writing Center and the Math Center are located within the Student Success Commons, B1215


If you are registering a new account you MUST use your GSU email.  The schedule will not allow you to use a personal email.  Choose a password that is easy for you to remember. Please bring your GSU ID card to all appointments.




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 Attendance Policy: (Updated 1 / 11 / 2018)


[1]  No Shows:

Any student who accumulates a combined three (3) no-show appointments between the Writing and Math centers during the course of the semester will no longer have the option to schedule appointments for tutorials and will have to rely solely on walk-ins.  [For example; 1 no show for math + 2 no shows for writing = having to rely on walk-ins for both math and writing for the remainder of the semester].

[2] Cancelling Appointments:

Please cancel your appointment ahead of time by clicking on the time of your appointment and then clicking "cancel this appointment" near the bottom of the dialog box.  Another option is to leave a detailed voicemail at (708) 534 - 4090 or (708) 235 - 3962 

[3]  Tardiness:

If you are more than 15 minutes late for an appointment, you may lose that appointment and have to reschedule for another time.  If you know you will be running late ahead of time, please call 708-534-4090 as soon as possible. Keep in mind that you will not receive any extra time for your tutorial.


Writing Center  =  Very Important


You need to bring a hard copy  of your paper to every Writing Center appointment. 



Math Center  =  Very Important

Please make sure your tutor is knowledgeable in the course for which you are seeking assistance. Currently, we only offer tutoring for courses on the list below.  If you are unsure whether you have the right tutor, contact Daniel at 708 - 235 - 3962.

Summer 2019 Tutors

Please know your course number and make sure the tutor with whom you schedule your appointment is able to assist.

Dreyvon: CHEM 1111, CHEM 1141, MATH 1423, MATH 2281

Aaron:  CHEM 1111, BIOL 1500, BIOL 1510, MATH 1423, and MATH 2281

Lester (starting 7/01): Math 2100

Steve:  Anatomy (PHYT / OCCT 6100), basic math courses such as 1423 and 2100, and intro to microeconomics. 




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